Have a Look at How We Calculate The Tips on Our Site and How We Give You The Best Chance of Winning

Welcome to liveodd.co.uk. If you are a football fan and loves to make some handsome profit by betting on football games, then you are at the right place. Liveodd is a place where you will find the best predictions for the football games so that you can place your bet accordingly and win a wonderful profit by placing bids on the winning team.

Football is a game that is popular all over the globe and people place many bets on this game.
We have developed a unique algorithm; our algorithm is basedon self-learning neural network. This algorithm will be helpful to provide high quality and precise football predictions and tips for betting on football.
Our football tips are based on following:

Our algorithm calculates the numbers/statistics by having a look at league standings, points, midfield, goals, defense, attack, wing struggles, and goalkeeper, etc.

Team Dynamics
Team dynamics is based on the progress or weakness of a team that is based on the current strength and performance of a team.

Mathematical Model
A mathematical model is based on the modified Dixon & Coles model, a method of comparable opponents, a method of concern with last matches.

Team Index
Team index is based on the analysis of the strength of a team judging constant factors like the ranking of the coach, game quality, players, and strength, etc.

Team Ranking
Team Ranking is assumed by analyzing the performance indicators of every single team. With the help of these, we cancreate team rankings.

Performance Tables/Graphs
Performance tables are made by stability, dynamics and possible ranking of the team at the end of the season.

Football Analysis
We have many football professionals in our team that isprofessional analysts and has several years of experience in this field.

Working with Neural Network
In this way system is capable of comparing data, analyzing it and gets used to manage initial analysis.

Football News

We gather different news that is related to football like injuries, transfer news, suspensions of players, etc.
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