All Eyes On Cristiano Ronaldo!

Everton Has Signed Ajax’s Davy Klaassen With A £24 Million Deal

Now that the transfers are officially open, the top football clubs are in a haste to score the best for themselves! The reason to get the business completed earlier is simple, if you are slow, all the good ones will be taken.

With all eyes on the top performing players, Cristiano Ronaldo remained the center of attention as everyone awaited his decision.
As per rumors, Ronaldo was upset with the allegations of tax fraud recently and was planning to leave Spain altogether.

This rumor had Manchester United up on their toes, and everyone had their eyes on Cristiano Ronaldo. With Manchester United still striving to gain momentum and steadying their hold in the rankings this could potentially be a game changer for them.

But so far, it seems like that the 32-year-old Cristiano Ronaldo is sticking with the recent winners of the Champion’s League, Real Madrid.
Many such rumors have surfaced and always do during the transfer seasons. But we have to wait and watch about the movements of the big guns of the games, and see how these transfers change the overall game!